I’ve been taking photographs from the mid 50’s, when I got a free, simple Kodak box camera for opening a savings account. I was hooked with the images I could create with the simplest of tools. I read books and all the photo magazines I could get my hands on. By fourteen I was developing film and making b/w prints. Picture magazines such as Look, Life, and National Geographic gave me a sense of what elements create a strong image. These photographs instilled in me the desire to travel to exotic places and I have been fortunate to be able to do so over the years. What I considered great photographers early on such as Weston, Bullock, Stieglitz, Steichen, Lange, Turner, and Cunningham covered all aspects of photography, social commentary, scenic, and art and were great motivators for me. I used their imagery as a basis for my own interpretation for superb imagery.When college beckoned, I attended Rochester Institute of Technology where I majored in photography and received a B.S. Degree. Following a tour of duty in the army, I traveled to the west coast and discovered the magnificence of the Bay Area. I moved to San Francisco and opened my freelance photography business, specializing in photographing people and products on location and in the studio for a myriad of annual reports, advertising, fashion and editorial clients.I still love creating images in the studio where I can create the desired effect I seek, through lighting, composition, and moving elements around. After several 2,000 square foot studios in San Francisco, I am fortunate to have built my dream studio in Gualala. My way of seeing and capturing the world around me trumps my verbal communication. In fact, on numerous occasions my wife has been surprised that what I said and what I saw could be so blaringly different. Enjoy the world through my eyes, graphic, humorous and bold.